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The Seventh Captain

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Harold J. Stone
Harold J. Stone
as (Zarkas

Jack Stany
Jack Stany
as Lexae

Nick Dennis
Nick Dennis
as Kostas

George Economu
George Economu
as Gronow

Rita Moussouri
Rita Moussouri
as Madam Kyracua

Robert Patten
Robert Patten
as Agent Y

Miklos Pashalipis
Miklos Pashalipis
as the peddler

Questioning Zarkas (Harold J. Stone)

Season 3 -  originally broadcast
November 13, 1967

Discussing shadowing techniques

French:  "Le septième capitaine" (same as English)

Writer:  Berkeley Mather
Director:  Earl Bellamy

The State Department, baffled by the ease with which enemy anti-submarine experts have eluded detection in the waters off the Greek coast, assigns Kelly and Scotty to solve the mystery, but they not only lose their man but nearly their lives.


Harold J. Stone (Zarkas), Nick Dennis (Kostas), George Economu (Gronow), Robert Patten (Agent Y), Jack Stany (Lexae), Rita Moussouri (Madam Kyracua), Miklos Pashalipis (peddler)


Synopsis:  They search for a Rumanian agent, a secret society that kills.

Highlights/Comments:  Very slow pace.  Interesting underwater scenes.  Scotty speaking Greek to the landlady.  


This was another of those episodes with minimal dialogue, lengthy scenes without speech that moved the story forward little, and the tendency to be confusing.  Harold J. Stone plays Zarkas again, leader of a cult whose activities are interwoven into the bare plot.  The score by Robert Drasnin, particularly in the teaser and opening sequence is very seductive and engenders a sense of expectation.

The teaser with unique concept that Scotty is watching someone (when we're used to it being he and Kelly who are always being observed by the opposition) ends with an odd lack of sharpness . The underwater scenes were arty, and a nice touch, but rather elongated and necessarily somewhat perplexing.  The Enigma inside a Riddle concept put viewers in the same position as the mystified Kelly and Scotty.

A few additional highlights …..

As Kelly tries to revive Scotty, he says, “say something, anything. Say you're sorry for lying there while I do your work for you.” Then, “listen, when it gets down to normal size and shape and pain, see if it can figure where's Grauno.” ….. Referring to a teacher who trained them in shadowing, Scotty says, “his wife left him for a guy in traction.”  ….. Scotty's remark regarding the other divers, “they mostly all look the same to me under water.” ….. As Kelly frees Scotty, covered in cement, from the pillar in which he was to be submersed, Kelly says, “Edward G., headed for the East River.”

Ritual dance at the temple

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