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Barbara Steele
as Giana

Carlo Croccolo
as Metkovic

Giustino Durano
as (Agent #1

Vittorio Bonos
as Agent #2

Alexander Svavinka
as (James

Walter Williams
as Dr. Mattison

Nina Matchkalova
as Mrs. Madison

Ingeborge Schoeller
as (Anna

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Season 2 -  originally broadcast
November 9, 1966

French:  "Le pont des espions" (same as English)

On assignment in Italy, they meet a beautiful Italian guide who takes them on a tour of baffling murders.

Cast  (images left with uncredited role on page 2)

Barbara Steele (Giana), Carlo Croccolo (Metkovic), Giustino Durano (Agent #1), Vittorio Bonos (Agent #2), Alexander Svavinka (James), Walter Williams (Dr. Mattison), Ingeborge Schoeller (Anna)


Synopsis:  They must find an assassin in Venice

Highlights/Comments:  Unlikeable


An artistic and stylish presentation!

I absolutely hated this episode when it first aired, and while not necessarily the one I disliked most, in my memory, it always was.    So, what a surprise to have my first impressions of Bridge of Spies this time be one of admiration for its exquisite direction and photography.  Not the various scenes of Venice, but the specific framing of each shot.  Alf Kjellin's deft direction made it a larger than small-screen production.

Of course, one has to wonder, when Sheldon Leonard was so very close to every episode, how he let major inconsistencies about Kelly and Scotty crop up all too often.  Kelly was supposed to be an orphan from Ohio, but his orthodontist brings greetings from Kelly's mother and family who are apparently living in the western United States.  How odd, with Kelly so frequently in the Us, that his mother would entrust casual friends with his father's watch to be delivered - only if things worked out - on their trip to Venice.  Eager viewers of any series catch these things, and it's a shame when such items can't be woven into plots without being ridiculous.

Perhaps this episode also marked another step in a direction I Spy was taking in season two that grated a bit, that Kelly, rather than being a Cold War Hero was indeed a bit of a bum, even if the word “Tennis” was meant to proceed the noun.  His lifestyle seemed to get more and more dissipated, and the flirtation and casual affair with a woman who was blatantly offensive had a lot to do with my  overwhelming antipathy to Bridge of Spies when it was first aired.

When the standard of the series subsequently failed to match that of the first season, I might have had less aversion to this episode if it came in a blander time when my expectations were no longer high.

But on the basis of its superlative direction and cinematography, it gets a star in the new century. (I even found the plot OK.)

Some of the highlights uncovered on this second look:

Elegant photography in the opening sequence  (the filming from partial headshot repeated later on in the episode just as effectively with Scotty at right of the frame instead of Giana.)…… Kelly making up a song about his failing tennis career using a racket as guitar …..  Calling merely sitting a sitting up exercise, Kelly says it's enough for the first day,  and Scotty suggests going on to position two tomorrow. “You're sure that's not pushing this therapy too fast,” asks Kelly in obvious pain, “because sometimes with legs that have definitely petrified  over night, the tissue would then never be repaired.”  Scotty replies in a jocular manner, “I'm afraid one of America's greatest swingers has swanged it a little too far.”  Then he adds with appropriate accent, “Kimosabe, him drink plenty fire water.” ….. Scenes surrounding the making of contact especially well done.  This is something which could actually be part of any episode, but done once here, it hit a perfect note without being hackneyed ….. Interesting technique with the dreamy music playing on the turntable continuing to be the background for Metkovic fixing the watch, keeping Kelly and Giana full in focus though they are not seen …… Again, the entire scene revolving around their second contact was beautifully done.  The wedge which was either intended or accidentally created between Kelly and Scotty was played to perfection.

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