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Carry Me Back to Old Tsing Tao

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I Spy Season 1

Season 1 -  originally broadcast
September 29, 1965

French:    "Une cuisinière en or massif" (A Solid Gold Stove)
German:  "Der schlaue Herr Huan" (The Clever Mr. Huan)

Writer:  David Karp
Director:  Mark Rydell

American merchant Charley Haun in Hong Kong asks them to deliver a million dollars in back taxes to the U.S. so he can die honorably in his native village.


Philip Ahnn (Charlie Hahn), Pilar Seurat (Katherine), Michael Conrad (Morton), David Sheiner (Turkey), Bernard Fox (Harry), Joan Swift (unnamed girl), George Murdock (Mariner), Larry Thor (Mr. Farley), Allen Jung (Older Chinese), Lang Yun (Irene), Beulah Quo (Mary), Nancy Wong (Sally), Hans William Lee (Young Chinese)

French:    "Une cuisinière en or massif" (A Solid Gold Stove)
German:  "Der schlaue Herr Huan" (The Clever Mr. Huan)


Synopsis:  Old Charlie & his millions must go back to Formosa

Highlights/Comments:  Old Charlie's remark I should never have raised you in the bosom of the west.  You have forgotten the key to our survival - Oriental guile.

Bill Cosby & Robert Culp

The I Spy Forum comments on CARRY ME BACK TO OLD T'SING TAO.

Pilar Seurat  & Phillip Ahn

Author:  Tatia Loring
Date:  7/2/01 6:01:22 AM

Great scenery - and a fun trio of villains ... wonderful Philip Ahn as Papa Charlie .... and Culp and Cosby were in perfect rhythm together by this episode!!! .... Howard University`s PBS station used this episode for all its promos during "I SPY`s" run - they used the fight scene in the alley where Kelly and Scotty finally beat-up the bad guys for a change and Scotty uses the "At no time did you ever see my fingers leave my hands" line .... and they used the scene when Kelly and Scotty are in the truck being shot at by the brothers-in-law as Kelly inquires if they "are using cannons!!" to shoot at them, and the 3rd promo was again in the truck where Kelly & Scotty are driving along discussing the possibility of taking a golden stove leg or two for their own personal gain - and the wonderful orthopedic devices their government jobs provide for them.

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