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Crusade to Limbo

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Season 1 -  originally broadcast
March 23, 1966

French:  "La croisade" (The Crusade)
German:  "Senor Munoz" (Senor Munoz)

Writers:  Mort Fine, David Friedkin & Jack Turley
Director:  Richard Sarafian

Assigned by the U.S. government to infiltrate a Mexican-based group dedicated to the liberation and invasion of a nearby Latin American dictatorship, Kelly and Scotty pretend sympathy for the movement.


Howard Duff (Sean), Frank Silvera (Munoz), Antoinette Bower (Shelby), Gene Lyons (Tom Keith), Wesley Addy (Hubbard), Chuck Winters (Elliot), Don Ross (Jim Stanley), Carl Millitaire (Vasconcelos), Guilermos Ribas (Esteban), David Silva (Victor),  Victor Eberg (Mexican Artist), Margarita Luna (balloon vendor), Lourdes Teran (little Mexican girl), Aurora Clavel (Mexican woman), Sheldon Leonard (Himself)


Synopsis:  They get involved with a Hollywood crusader

Highlights/Comments:  Scene at the end with Sheldon

The “I Spy” Forum comments on "CRUSADE TO LIMBO"

Author:  SAM
Date:  11/11/01 3:38:34 PM

I had NO memory of this episode at all. It is nothing less than wonderful to see the exotic locales so glorious on DVD. I don't think I will ever tire of it. I loved the Teaser when Kelly `flirts` with the child - one can see his innate gentleness- surprising as that quality is not usually stressed. The whole thing was nicely done with the knockout punch by Howard Duff. An excellent beginning. The episode then moves smoothly to the (again) seamless banter with Shelby about the accounts - exemplifies the practical side of spying, (remember No Exchange?) I also loved the line by Scotty "I am so sick of your friends . . ."

Culp was in perfect form here - able as always to glide from humour to seriousness. Did anyone besides me think his hair colour changed drastically from the office scene to the foiled dinner with Shelby scene? It seemed much darker and differently styled yet it was about 2 hours later!

Howard Duff   
Howard Duff

I enjoyed the whole episode - the originality of the balloon chase (did anyone catch the balloon-seller`s line about Americans being "TONTO"? that is Spanish for stupid!)

I was also very impressed with the footage of the Great Pyramid- having been to Chichen Itza.

BUT I have to say while I enjoyed the buildup I was disappointed by the fast climax and outcome of the plot. It had enormous momentum then fizzled. For that I give it a 7/10

It was great to see Sheldon Leonard, though.



The three reasons I began to watch I SPY

1- Culp (surely no surprise to anyone)

2- The LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION - I was crazy about the Orient from my earliest memory and seeing it was filmed THERE with CULP was unprecedented - I couldn't WAIT.

3- AND not the least of it and what hooked me completely - every scene, every acting nuance was elevated, uplifted, rendered more poignant by MR. HAGEN`s MUSIC - what music! It used to kill me as a kid, with no access to a recording device of any kind, to listen to his work - try to internalize it and then have it GONE...

IT makes the sound and colour available NOW so miraculous. THOSE red balloons in Crusade - marvelous! Next to the Orient I enjoyed Mexico the best.

--- see more comments from SAM below --

Author:  Jahbad
Date:  11/12/01 4:47:35 AM

Sam is right in pointing out the scenery in this episode. One of the things that made I, Spy so cutting edge was its location shooting. Mr. Leonard promised NBC he was going to take the show out of the sound stages and into the real world. One of the main reasons I still watch years later is for the exotic locales used for their adventures. Judging from some of the posts I've read here, I'm not alone.

It's an ok story though the ending is a bit weak but the dialog is actually pretty good. Both the teaser at the beginning and the tag at the end at the Art show are worth the time alone The boys had some nice by play between themselves and were their usual cool selves. Howard Duff is always interesting and Trek & T/W zone veterans, Gene Lyons and Antoinette Bower are worthy of note. Mr. Leonard's appearance in the tag was a blast.

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