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No Exchange on Damaged Merchandise
Bill Cosby & Robert Culp

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I Spy Season 1

Season 1 -  originally broadcast
November 10, 1965

French:  "Ni repris, ni échangé" (Neither Returned Nor Exchanged)

Writers:  Garry Marshall & Jerry Belson
Director:  Leo Penn

In Hong Kong, they seek double agent Erik Thorsten, the only person the Communists will trade for a captured American pilot.


Sue Randall (Louise Richards), Kurt Krueger (Eric Thorsten), Mako (Jimmy), Byron Morrow (Bentley Reed), H.T. Hsiang (Jimmy's Father), Jo-Anne Miya (Kai Hu), Kai Hernandez (secretary), Martin Pries t (Lee Pink), Steve Gravers (Capt. Richards), Angela Korens (stripper), Soon Taik Oh (announcer)


Synopsis:  Trade an unwilling spy for an American airman

Highlights/Comments:  A re-told tale by the two-man In Group.  Excellence.  Full of all sorts of wonderfulness … “What pink?  Who pink? How pink?” (Scotty)   



Author: Alexander Scott
Date: 6/16/00  2:03:49 PM

I agree with much that has been said about these two episodes- though I didn't like the typewriter scenes in No Exchange.... it didn't seem to matter to the story.

Review:An episode that is mostly style over substance. The
plot's pretty basic - 'let's investigate a missing
person/dissappearance etc and run into complcations.'
But watching Culp and Cosby here is a joy. The
improvosational feel of the dialogue makes the epidoes
feel more fluid than it is. This episode also includes
the information buying puppet scene which was later
spoofed in the 1999 Cosby premire 'My Spy.') It boasts
incredible location work- a real showcase of Tokyo
and another wonderful score from Hagen. The story gets
a big shot in the arm in act IV w a nice plot twist.
My major complaints have to do with the limp and
lackluster frame story over a 3 dollar govt. vouncher
which acts as little more than empty padding and the
use of Miss Richards who's character almost feels
unecessary in the episode. All in all en enjoyable


Sue Randall
Sue Randall

Thorsten (with gun on both of them): What do they pay
you for your work?
Scotty: Don't tell him, he'll laugh.
Thorsten: For example, what can your country pay you
that makes this moment so worthwhile?
Kelly: Don't you think you're overdoing this a little?
Thorsten: I am?
Kelly: Well it's very simply really, all we want is to
give your side one of thiers for one of ours. It goes
like this- we take you to the exchnage point, we trade
you for our man. Everyone lives happily ever after.
Thorsten: Except me. {edit} Now which of you is to be first?
(They point to each other)
Scotty: Do you know what you've done?
Mrs. Richards: YesKelly: She saved your life
Scotty: Guy's dead. You've killed him- you might just
as well have killed your own husband. How do exchange a dead man for a live one?
Richards: He was going to cut your throat!
Scotty: We'll just have to forget about the exchange
Kelly: How do you swap a dead man for a live one?


Scott: We'll get him back
Kel: For that we we gotta get Thorsten
Scott: We'll do that too
Kel: Out there?
Scott: Well, it's relatively easy only three or four million people out there
Kel: Beautiful. We'll just grab a yeallow pages andlook him up.
Scott: Well where would you go if you were a missingspy?
Kel: On the other hand there is always the Yankee
dollar. Will buy much bread and secrets. Has been
known to buy a man's hiding place right out fromunder him.
Scott: Yeah but the trouble is, the seller of the
secrets will turn around and sell your secret to the
guy who's secret he sold when he sold the secrets after he sold them.


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