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Now here at the Illustrated Guide to I Spy. All the entertainment and charm of S.J.'s marvelously unique take on the series - plus the irresistible quizzes!  Do pay a visit to S. J. Dibai's House of I Spy


The Illustrated Guide to I Spy also welcomes back

The much-missed internet salute to I Spy from Bob Mitch and Dave Cole is now online again at the domain, the home of The Illustrated Guide.  Click the above link, and enjoy a treasury of info and opinion from Bob and Dave.

I Spy Storyboards
Trace the episode plots in images, dialogue and description of So Long Patrick Henry with over 70 images from the series opener, including riviting lines from Robert Culp's landmark script

...... and Tatia - (80 images from everyone's second favorite episode)

Illustrated Guide to I Spy TABLE OF CONTENTS

History of "I Spy"

I SPY EPISODES - Reviews - Photos - Synopsis of stories - Writer, director and complete cast info - Special Features

I SPY TEAM - PRODUCTION  PERSONNEL - - Stars  - Producer Sheldon Leonard - Regular creative team -  Writers  - Directors

FEATURES - I SPY ARCHIVE  - Interviews  - Quizzes - Essays & poetry - ... and lots more!


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"I Spy" with Robert Culp & Bill Cosby  was Wonderfulness. What is wonderfulness?  If you're here, you probably already know.  It is that magic mixture of excellence, charm and wit that was the television series "I Spy"

And the whole thing was put together by creative genius Sheldon Leonard, who was the aesthetic force behind “I Spy.”  He  dreamed up the concept, determined how to do it, hired the actors, writers, directors and producers. The taste, the selection of material and the decisions of how to get it done were his.

But  WONDERFULNESS also represents a rapport that transcends mere camaraderie.  It's about chemistry, total trust and support of the other in all things, without regard to self.  A friendship that doesn't break, even under the greatest pressure.  Intuitive intelligence.  Balance.  Using words as entertainment.  Loyalty and commitment through ebb and flow.  A mutual instinct both for the whimsical and the grave.  Understanding.

Bill Cosby & Robert Culp

Get the I Spy Book and I Spy CD

The book has lots of all-new material on the series and the I Spy CD contains scores from five episodes.

Direct from the soundtracks of "So Long, Patrick Henry" -  "A Time of the Knife" - "Turkish Delight," - "The Warlord" -  "Mainly on the Plains" along with a 24-page booklet of liner notes and photos and foreword by Robert Culp.

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Composer Earle Hagen on I Spy

The late Earle Hagen, composer of the music from “I Spy, wrote extensively about the series in his autobiography, "Memoirs of a Famous Composer -  Nobody Ever Heard Of."  In its fascinating pages  you can read the inside story on I Spy -  scouting locations with Sheldon Leonard - life on the I Spy set - and the rest of Earle Hagen's  amazing career in big bands, movies & TV!  Use the link in the left column to purchase this fabulous book from Amazon.

This website is dedicated to the memory of the father of "I Spy," SHELDON LEONARD and to the man who gave I Spy its musical sparkle, EARLE HAGEN

The author of this website wishes to express special thanks (in alphabetical order) to the following wonderful people for their invaluable assistance in the development of The Illustrated Guide to I Spy : S. J. Dibai, Debby Lazar, Bob Mitsch, Michael O'Leary, Deborah Young-Groves

We ask your prayers / Good Thoughts for the recovery of a gallant lady, MAUREEN ASPELL.  A direct descendant of the 16th century “pirate queen” Grace O'Malley, Maureen is an honor to her family, and dearly loved by all.

These pages show the many wonderful sides of the late Robert Culp as he dazzled us with his talent, charm and ability to completely encompass a character.  Our greatest tribute is the storyboard of his dynamic script for "So Long Patrick Henry," one of the finest pieces of writing in television history.

Robert Culp 1930 - 2010

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