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Let's Kill Karlovassi
Walter Slezak

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Season 3 -  originally broadcast
September 11, 1967

Friedkin:  French:  "Il faut tuer Karlovassi" (Karlovassi Must Be Killed)
German:  "Auf Delos verschwunden" (Disappeared on Delos)

Writer:  Michael Zagor
Director:  Christian Nyby

Arriving at a resort community on the Greek coast, they anticipate an easy assignment until their contact turns out to be the beautiful and cunning Maria Galonis, who has orders to assassinate Denis Karlovassi, a suspected agent.


Peter Wyngarde (George), Walter Slezak (Dennis), Ruth Roman (Maria), Paul Muller (Burke), Helen Hall (Flor), Irene Prador (Elaini), Guiseppe Paganelli (Ylannis)

Ruth Roman, Walter Slezak


Synopsis:  Assignment: assassination.  But the target is just too amiable.  But everyone a `bad guy.'

Highlights/Comments:  Variety of action.  Good wardrobe.  Robert Culp thinner.  Scotty's philosophic “you have to take the lousy with the bad.”

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