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Season 3 -  originally broadcast
March 11, 1968

French:  "Chasse gardée" (Observed Hunt)
German:  "Falsches Spiel"  (Crooked Game)

Writer:  Jerry Ludwig
Director:  Earl Bellamy

A deranged former Army officer uses Kelly and Scotty as quarries in a macabre version of a big game hunt.


Lloyd Nolan (Manion), Jorge Russek (Raul), Barbara Angely (Tracy), Guillermo Hernandez (Ignacio), Marco Antonio Arzate (Manuel), Juan Garcia (Fernando), Ken Tobey (Conway)


Synopsis:  Demented General plays guerilla warfare.

Highlights/Comments:  Fine script.  Beautiful characterization by Lloyd Nolan.  Game built well.  “Terror more blinding than these lights.”

Lloyd Nolan
Lloyd Nolan

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