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A Few Miles West of Nowhere

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Season 3 -  originally broadcast
January 29, 1968

French:  "A l'ouest de nulle part" (West of Nowhere)

Writers:  Elick Moll & Joseph ThanWriter:   Jerry Ludwig
Director:   Arthur Marks

While investigating the death of a fellow agent in a remote desert community named as a proposed site of an atomic plant, they are given unfriendly treatment by local vigilantes.


Richard Kiel (Tiny), Andrew Duggan (Pierson), Diahn Williams (Kathy), Ken Swofford (Clay), Leonard Stone (Charlie), Debi Storm (Jenny), John Bellah (Frank), Ben Frank (Everett), Carole Kelly (Blaine), Dan Kemp (Nick), Bob Legionaire (attendant), Boyd Santel (Bobby)


Synopsis:  A small town tries to prevent a power plant from being built.

Highlights/Comments:  Gory and creepy, but with a moral.  Kelly's question “So are we good men?” and Scotty's reply “Not too good with protecting government property.”  Kelly's reaction to their reception “Welcome to the Hostile Room of the Hotel Paranoia.”  His other description of “war in the backyard.”  A just ending.

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