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Get Thee To A Nunnery
Bill Cosby & Peter Lawford

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Season 2 -  originally broadcast
March 1, 1967

French:  "Un secret bien gardé" (A Well Kept Secret)

Writers:  Marion Hargrove (script by Barbara & Milton Merlin)
Director:  Alf Kjellin

American and British intelligence agents attempt to outfox each other while seeking a reputed fortune in World War II contraband.


Peter Lawford (Hackaby), Vincent Gardenia (Dr. Mellado), Lilia Skala (Mother Superior), Martin Garralaga (Brother Juan), Steve Mitchell (White Jacket #1), Sal Ponti (White Jacket #2), Jacqueline Hyde (Sister Monica), Ric West (male nurse), Ray Cole (nurse)


Synopsis:  They cope with a rival British spy

Highlights/Comments:  Bill Cosby as a priest.

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