Bill Cosby & Robert Culp

The Illustrated Guide to I Spy
I Spy Team

“I Spy” was unquestionably distinguished among action television series.  Lending so much quality to the show were the MULTIPLE creative talents of those involved:

 producer - director - actor - writer
I Spy Star Robert Culp
actor - writer - director
I Spy Star Bill Cosby
comedian - actor - writer - producer, educator
writer - director - producer - musician
writer - producer
composer/conductor - arranger - musician - educator/author
cinematographer - producer - entrepreneur

Further, as you will see on the pages devoted to the

of “I Spy,” many of them also succeeded in a variety of fields.

All this talent, and the result was an oasis which, if only in mind, we may visit when caught in the middle of today's “Vast Wasteland” of television.

Other Key Players of the I Spy Production Team

Bill Cosby & Robert Culp

Other Members of the Team

Ronald Jacobs - Associate Producer / Production Executive
Fleet Southcott - Director of Photography
Kenneth A. Reid - Art Director
Bud Molin ACE - Film Editor
Basil Wrangell ACE - Film Editor
Bob Moore - Film Editor
Robert Fritch ACE - Film Editor
George W. Brooks - Film Editor
Phil Cook - Assistant Director
Bob Daley - Assistant Director
Lou Brandt - Assistant Director
Bob Fitz - Assistant Director
Jack Barry - Assistant Director
Harold Schneider - Assistant Director
Ruth Burch - Casting
Fred Roos - Casting
Gerry Jameson - Editorial Coordinator / Editorial Supervisor

Bill Cosby & Robert Culp

Clark Paylow - Hollywood Production Manager
Frank E. Myers - T&L Production Manager
Richard Wechsler  - Assistant to Producers
Stan Brooks - Assistant to the Prroduction Manager
Joel Swanson - Production Assistant
Maria Luisa Alcaraz - Production Assistant
Michael Preece - Script Continuity
Ken Johnson - Music Editor
Gerry MacDonald - Music Editor
Walter Popp - Music Coordinator
Dick Maier - Sound Editor
Frank Warner - Sound Editor
John Hall - Sound Editor
Duene Hensel - Sound Editor
Bill B. Keith - Sound Editor
Dick Maier - Sound Editor
Cam McCullough - Sound Engineer
Brad Trask - Sound Engineer
Thomas Thompson - Sound Engineer
Jim T. Thompson - Sound Engineer
Joe Lombardi - Special Effects
Ken Swartz - Set Director
Ned Parsons - Set Director
Jerry McFarland - Prop Master
Stuart Stevenson - Prop Master
Mario Valentini - Prop Master
Gordon Kirschbaum - Construction Coordinator
Flo Crewell Albert - Costumes
Harald Johnson - Costumes
Della Fox - Costumes
Stanley Smith - Makeup
Bill Wood - Makeup
Donna McDonough - Hair Stylist

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