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Will The Real Good Guys Please Stand Up

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Season 2 -  originally broadcast
November 2, 1966

French:  "Usage de faux" (Using Imposters)
German:  "Zwei Agenten zuviel" (Two Agents Too Many)

Writer:  Rick Mittleman
Director:  Richard Sarafian

Two enemy agents assume the identities of Kelly and Scotty in a deadly plot to kidnap a United States rocket scientist.


Lee Philips (Kelly #2), Hari Rhodes (Scotty #2), Anna Capri (Jolie Gagni), Henry Wilcoxon (Laslo Gagni), Val Avery (Josef), Leon Askin (Boris), Kurt Lowens (Zunicky), Garth Pilsbury (waiter), Richmond Shepard (cabbie), Joan Swift (hatcheck girl)


Synopsis:  Fake Kelly & Scotty try to kidnap a scientist

Highlights/Comments:  Poor follow-through of a good idea.  Imposters were good.

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