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Season 3 -  originally broadcast
March 4, 1968

French:  same as original

Writer:  Robert Lewin
Director:  Christian Nyby

Theft of a top-secret sample of rocket fuel brings them to Acapulco on the trail of a beautiful but elusive suspect.


Gloria Foster (Shana), Albert Dekker (Indris), Mary Wickes (Mildred), Florence halop (Clara), Edward Xolmans (hotel clerk), Wolf Rubinski (Andreyev), Santiago Urueta (Sanchez), Fernando Yapur (ship's captain)


Synopsis:  Beautiful model holds a precious formula.

Highlights/Comments:  Good color.  “She's got a brother.  He was one of us.  That explains everything.”  Scotty saying “You didn't become a traitor.”  Kelly's line “Gas must be hard to get in this place.” Scene ordering breakfast.

Gloria Foster
Gloria Foster

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