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So Long Patrick Henry

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Ivan Dixon as
Elroy Browne
Cicely Tyson as
Princess Amara
Richard Loo   
asMr. Tsung
Tiger Joe Marsh as
Chinese Bodyguard
Rickey Der as
John Lassell
as Mr. Laswell
Gerald Jahn  as (Interpreter
Nick Colasanto
as Italian Reporter
John Livingston  Conference Speaker
Season 1 -  originally broadcast
September 15, 1965 (premier episode)

French: "Salut Patriote" (Cheers You Patriot)
German:  "So Long Patrick Henry"

Writer:  Robert Culp
Director:  Leo Penn

Heavily guarded, ElroyBrowne and his fiancee, Princess Amara, arrive in Hong Kong, where his endorsement of the proposed Afro-Asian Olympics will result in a propaganda coup for the Reds.

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Cast (see images at left and on page 2)

Ivan Dixon (Elroy Brown), Cicely Tyson (Princess Amara), Richard Loo  (Mr. Tsung), Tiger Joe Marsh (Chinese Bodyguard), Rickey Der (Mickey), John Lassell (Mr. Laswell), James Hong (Mr. Shaw), Nick Colasanto (Reporter), Alex Finlayson (Mr. Redding), James Shen (Driver), Harold Fong (Driver #2), Gerald Jahn  (Interpreter), John Livingston  (Speaker)

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Synopsis:  They attempt to repatriate American sports star defected to China


From the brilliant script of ROBERT CULP'S SO LONG PATRICK HENRY, we could quote so much, but offer the following:

   Scotty describing his first encounter with defector Elroy Brown:

“I was introduced to him as an American tourist.  And I spent an hour with him.  He sat down.  Smiiled.  Looked at his Japanese watch.  Then he yawned, got up, and he said … `So long Patrick Henry'.”


“You disliked him intensely?”


“No. I enjoy being made to feel stupid when I'm pleading for my country.  Gives me a glow all over.”

   Elroy Brown, on meeting Scotty again in Hong Kong:

“Hey! Hey!  It's Patrick Henry, right?  Sure it is!  How are you, champ?  Say, how's the patriotism business?”

   After Elroy departs with Chinese minders in tow, Kelly comments:

“That's a pretty dangerous game he's playing, whatever it is.”


“It's not a game he's playing.  He was rolling drunks in the streets of Chicago when he was 12.  A little luck, and less talent, he could have gone to the gas chamber.”

   Ivan Dixon played Elroy Brown

   Elroy to Kelly & Scott in a late-night bar:

“Politics?  You've gotta be kiddin'.”  


“He's not kidding, man. He's asking you straight. Now, you want to keep putting us on like Tokyo, then we're gonna let you have the bar to yourself.”


“Listen.  I ain't got any politics.  Want to know what I got?  I got a quarter of a million dollars in a Swiss bank, that's what I got.  A couple more years with these punks, and I go collect it.  Tax free.  

You see, the Rams wanted me for fifty grand, and the Eagles offered forty, and from there on, downhill.  Now, this was the best OFFER.  I'm the first bonus baby in the Cold War.  That's my politics, sweetheart”

After that exchange, he dances with his fiancee, an African princess he met in China.  She knows his uncomfortable position, bravado temperment, but apparently finds something good in him as well.  The mood is romantic.

 Cicely Tyson played Princess Amara


“I wish you could have known my grandfather.  He was a great and foolish man.  He was a king.  He built a nation where there was nothing.  He made  mistakes, like all men, and like all men, the larger the mistakes, the more fierce he would become at trying to prove to himself that he was right.  He would never beg, never bend, and so in the end, he was broken.  Yet his people always loved him.  They understood.  A king is like that.”


“How can a little country girl be so hip?”


“Elroy.  It means `the king'.”

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