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Storyboard: So Long Patrick Henry

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The episode opens with a film screening, showing Elroy Brown winning an Olympic medal.  Kelly, Scotty and Laswell watch and discuss the content.

Another clip shows Elroy announcing his defection to China.  His brashness and arrogance is evident here and in a later scene at a press conference in the company of his African fiancée, Princess Amara, an exchange student in China. Elroy will be attending a conference in China to help set up Afro Asian games, a ploy of the Chinese to get a foothold in Africa.

At the U. S. Consulate in Hong Kong Scotty and Kelly watch glumly, and Laswell explains that they must make an effort to repatriate Elroy.  He asks Scotty about the results of an initial approach in Tokyo.
Bill Cosby & Robert Culp

Bill Cosby

Scotty replies, "I was introduced to him as an American tourist, and I spent an hour with him.  He sat down …. smiled …. Looked at his Japanese watch …. Then he yawned, got up, and he said 'so long, Patrick Henry.'”

Laswell counters, “ You disliked him intensely?” Scotty replies, “No, I enjoy being made to feel stupid when I'm pleading for my country.  Gives me a glow all over.”

Bill Cosby

Robert CulpBill Cosby

The next scene takes place in their hotel room as they prepare to go out.  Calling himself 007, Mickey, the young bellboy rings, informing Kelly that Elroy's party has arrived at the hotel, and offers to place a tape recorder in the room to bug him.

When Kelly queries Mickey's 's actions, Scotty explains that he told the bellboy that they were spies ….. seeking Elroy's signature on a tennis racket. As they leave the room Kelly cajoles, he's wonderful.. saw Goldfinger 27 times. Where do you find them anyway?”

Robert CulpBill Cosby & Robert Culp

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Listen to the theme from So Long Patrick Henry sung by Fran Hartshorn with lyrics by Paul Carsola.  This is really tasty!

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