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Tag, You're It
Bill Cosby & Robert Culp

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Season 3 -  originally broadcast
January 22, 1968

French:  "Volontaires demandés" (Volunteers Requested)

Writer:  Stephen Kandel (script by M. J. Waggoner)
Director:  Earl Bellamy

They are targets for an assassin's bullet when a routine espionage exercise turns into the real thing.


John Smith (Oliver), Paul Mantee (Halsey), Peter Duryea (Unknown), Norman Burton (Brandon), Richard Webb (Ross), Roy Jensen (Abrmas), Ron Burke (Grenoble), Jerry Sommers (trainee #1), Leigh French (Cobalt-Blue), Rosemary Eliot (waitress), Roger Bowen (Rudin), Newell Oesterlich (guard), Chris Ross (Digger), Soc Scortt (plump man)


Synopsis:  They volunteer for an assignment when they should be on vacation, and a  spy student kills people and frames Kelly & Scotty for their deaths.

Highlights/Comments:  Escape scene a dazzler … Fight in sunglasses ... Much reparte as they depart the school … “Where did I fail?” … “The man I always looked down to.” … Final scene at the fountain with Cobalt Blue

John Smith & Paul Mantee

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