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Night Train To Madrid

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Season 2 -  originally broadcast
March 22, 1967

French:  "L'espion et la ballerine" (The SpFrench:  Train de nuit pour Madrid (same as English)
German:  "Nachtzug nach Madrid" (same as English)

Writer:  Stephen Kandel
Director:  David Friedkin

A troupe of USO entertainers is headed by a self-centered comedian who becomes an enemy propaganda target.


Don Rickles (Frank Bodie), Barbara McNair (Leona), Michael Strong (Kutma), Marianna Hill (Joanne), Larry D. Mann (Arbuckle), Diahn Williams (Nora), Shepard Menken (Villa Royal), Albert Monte (condictor), Sam Reese (Langdon), Jack Ragotzy (officer), Marlene Tracy (wife)


Synopsis:  They deal with a trouble-making American comic on Spanish train

Highlights/Comments:  Dull

Don Rickles

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